1:1 Business Coaching

Leveraging the best you

  • Personal Discovery (in a non-woo woo way)
  • Actionable Skills to Apply to Your Business
  • Goal Setting (that doesn’t suck)
  • Guidance and Accountability
  • Regain Control in your Business
  • Define Your Success – Then Exceed It
  • Bite-Sized Business Plans You’ll Actually Smash
  • Preparation for your First Recruit
  • Monthly or Quarterly Consults

Someone once told you that ‘if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ 

…And you’re kind of questioning their sanity right now, because you’re all swan up-top and peddling like mad below the surface. 

You’ve proven to yourself that your business isn’t only viable, but it’s designed to thrive. The only problem is, everything has sped up way before you had expected (a good problem – mind you).

Juggling clients, meeting deadlines, balancing demands, replying to emails, enriching the customer experience and more – You’re torn! Not to mention the other pressures like building a community of raving fans and keeping all the back end top notch too (I’m looking at you bookkeeping and marketing).

It seems like a lifetime ago… But remember that ecstatic all-encompassing buzz you felt back when you first began your business? Yeah, let’s get that back.

Let’s unlock your mind, your processes and your potential

Are you self-sabotaging?

 Is your business stifled by your inner critic?

 … Sometimes without even realising it’s happening?

We’ll explore what’s happening in your mind to uncover the best version of you for your life, business and future. And when we’re done? You’ll feel re-energised, motivated and like you’ve got your business mojo back.

Maybe you’re a few months or years deep. But you feel like you’ve never truly caught your breath. That your business is constantly under the pump and everyone else seems to be killing it, while you’re left on the sidelines.

The thing is, you didn’t opt for the road less-travelled and risk the bikkie to feel like this. You made the conscious choice to start your own business because you know you’re capable, passionate and destined to achieve more.

And the truth is, everyone doesn’t have it ‘figured out.’ You wouldn’t be the first person to ask ‘where’s the magic book on exactly how to run a business?!’ That’s because (newsflash) there isn’t one. Everyone’s business story is different… But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

I’ll work with you to discover how to overcome those niggling roadblocks, troubleshoot ideas, brainstorm strategies, create a clear path for your business moving forward and achieve the type of success you’ve always dreamed of – with clarity, ease and purpose.