High-Performance Leadership Programs

Accelerating your Organisation

Eleni’s Secret Sauce:

You and I both know that no two leaders are alike. There’s not a one-size fits all approach to leadership coaching, but when all the pieces fall into perfect alignment *BOOM!* It’s like fireworks.

I tailor-make these programs to suit your organisation. Here’s a little teaser for what can be included:

  1. Individual Leadership Profiling (understand your bright side, dark side and inside)
  2. 1:1 Executive Coaching for Clarity and Motivation
  3. Customised Strategies for Goal Development and KPI Achievement
  4. Three-way Debriefs with Direct Line Manager
  5. Business Project Tracking
  6. Ongoing Accountability and Mentoring Program
  7. Celebratory Events

Real leaders honour their teams. Real leaders invest energy to unlock potential. And as Simon Sinek says, “real leaders eat last.”

“This one choice, whether a leader puts themselves or their people first, determines if they are worthy of our love and loyalty.” – Simon Sinek

The true mark of a leader comes down to the employee experience. It’s that simple.

Unleash the synergy harnessed within your team for big-picture thinking, determination and results that invigorate your organisation.

And how do you do this authentically? By first understanding yourself.

Old school training and generic lectures ain’t gonna cut it. Authentic leadership, fuelled by understanding one’s own strengths and leading from this space is where it’s at.

This is where you need me: Eleni Dracakis, a Business Psychologist, with a personal yet high-performance approach to driving personal growth and leadership within your team.

We’ll explore your leaders’ unique DNA make-up and personality type to tap into powerful, personal insights that shape the way they each help your organisation secure better relationships, achieve confident sales and sustainably grow.

Aligned, empowered and understood teams move mountains. Be right there standing next to your company’s leaders when they reach their peak.

Having profiled and coached hundreds of leaders, entrepreneurs and employees across Australia, I know what gets dynamic teams going and how to tap into their burning flame of passion within your corporation. Hot tip: This leads to results, like happy customers, satisfied shareholders and thriving CEOs.

Unlock world-class performance, innovation and next-level leadership culture

High-flying corporate executives like yourself require a deeply supported team of leaders with unwavering skills to create true impact in your industry. Your people are your greatest asset – let’s build them into the unstoppable leaders you know they can be. The ones who confidently sustain top-notch team culture, consistently deliver superior customer experiences and are members of empowered, engaged teams.

Having worked with companies like Porsche and Volkswagen, I’ve seen first-hand the game-changing impact that driven and aligned teams have on an organisation’s overall success. By engaging in my high-performance leadership coaching, your team will receive intensive, high calibre person-centred training, profiling and mentoring. That’s a promise.

Ongoing support across 6 months to 2 years gives your company a go-to expert in the Psychology of sales, team morale and intricate results-focussed training on how to make your team go from good to great.