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Re-Energising you and your team in Brisbane and across Australia

  • Sales Psychology Training
  • Results-Focussed Strategies
  • Culture and Customer Connection
  • Team Leadership Coaching
  • Industry Specific Figures and Findings
  • Team Morale and Motivation Boosts
  • Intensive Full or Half-Day Training
  • Enquire to Discuss Topic Alternatives

You’re a driven executive who understands the power of knowing the ins and outs of your industry’s latest findings. But maybe your field or team are facing tough times, technology is changing client’s expectations or you have an unquenchable thirst for new and innovative ways to go above and beyond.

You’re passionate about building a strong, heart-centred reputation and a tribe of raving customers.

You know that strong teams are the driving force of your organisation.

The real question is: How do you re-ignite that undeniable flame of ambition, drive and energy in your team?

And no, the answer isn’t investing in a sad presenter who forces you all to sit through the same drab PowerPoint presentation about as interesting as taste-testing dirt.

Instead, welcome in an engaging, motivating and knowledgable expert who knows exactly how to bring out the best in your company’s members and give them real actionable takeaways for flourishing success in your organisation. (In case you weren’t picking up what I was putting down – that’s me).

The quality of your team’s personal development is the key differentiator between you and your competitors.

These presentations are suited to pioneering leaders in the authentic sales arena (sleazy sales are not my jam, and if they’re not yours either – let’s chat).  I offer tailored presentations and talks based on over 10 years in the sales industry, backed by deep Psychological understandings and qualifications.

Unlike Business Coaches, I come with actionable insights into the Psychology of business to empower your team with business prowess that never goes out of fashion.

Uplevel yourself, your team and your organisation with dynamic skills

Keeping your finger on the pulse for the latest industry trends is a time-consuming gig. Let alone communicating this to your team in a way that makes them want to actually implement new knowledge.

I create personalised presentations tailored to your organisation’s needs in a highly engaging and professional manner. No more tapping pens, yawns or eye rolls. Watch as your team comes to deep realisations that will work to enhance your company with impressive impact.

While I specialise in the psychology of selling, boosting team morale and leadership, I also offer presentations that encompass any struggles you’re facing as a group.

One-off training for the boost your team craves (plus the roll on effect of increased sales and business growth), coaching series for invaluable ongoing guidance and full or half day training are all available to you.

While I am a Brisbane-based Business Psychologist, I offer presenting services right across Australia and provide travel options for interstate clients.